BelGAS CP control products strategically
respond to the needs of the oil and gas industry.

BelGas CP Valves


Monitors and controls liquid levels inside pressure vessels for high level, low level and interface applications.

Model P8100

Liquid Level Controller

The BelGAS CP P8100 series is a mechanically operated liquid level controller with a flexible yet rugged design that allows it to perform optimally in the harshest environments. Trim options for
the pilot valve, arm, spring, and displacer provide the versatility to set the controller to a wide range of spans, levels, and use in most fluids.

Snap or Throttle Pilot Valves: The snap pilot provides an
output of 0 to full supply within the desired span; while the
throttle pilot provides a proportional output of 0 to full supply across the entire desired span.

Sealed and Vented Case: The case is designed to keep

the internal mechanism isolated from the weather while

also allowing gasses from the pilot valves to escape.

Field Reversible: The unit can easily be reoriented to left

handed or right handed and direct or reverse acting in the

field using the instructions included.

Adjustable Level and Span: With simple internal adjustments to the spring (level) and sensitivity arm (span) the

unit can provide a wide range of options. Instructions are

listed on the inside of the door for easy access.


• Separators

• Compressor Scrubbers

• Tanks

Pilot Input(PSIG) Output(% of input) Span (% of Input)
Snap 0-30/0-60 100% 5% to 100%
Throttling 0-30/0-60 0-100% 5% to 100%


BelGAS CP Model P8100 Liquid Level Controller