BelGAS CP control products strategically
respond to the needs of the oil and gas industry.

BelGas CP Valves


Monitors and controls liquid levels inside pressure vessels for high level, low level and interface applications.

Model P8400

Electric Level Switch

The BelGAS P8400 Series is a snap-acting liquid level controller primarily used for gas compressor scrubber level applications. When the liquid in a tank rises to the point where it lifts the float to a certain point, the magnet on the end of the counterweight trips the magnet on the other side of the device, completing the circuit that sends an electrical signal to a dump valve, alarm or other monitoring device.In addition to performing this function, the controller can be ordered with a manual override switch that will artificially depress the counterweight magnet.Thus, triggering the electrical switch and artificially dumping the contents of the tank


  • Gas Compressor Scrubbers
  • Other level control applications for non-pressurized vessels


  • NACE MR0175 Compliant
  • Manual override switch available
  • Various electrical switch options
  • External Cage with 1” NPT ports for ease of installation
  • 1.5” and 2” NPT external thread mounting options
  • Annulus Plug to limit corrosive media from entering the body chamber
  • Customizable arm lengths depending on the customer's application
Maximum Pressure
1500 PSIG
Maximum Temperature 250°F - Standard and High Amp
400°F - High Temperature
Switch Rating 5A @ 120VAC - Standard and High Temp
11A @ 120 VAC - High Amp
Adapter Threads .5" NPT
Mounting Threads 1.5" NPT or 2" NPT
Wiring for float in down position Black - Common
Blue - Closed
Red - Open
Specific Gravity 0.6


BelGAS CP Model P8400 Electric Level Switch