BelGAS CP control products strategically
respond to the needs of the oil and gas industry.

BelGas CP Valves


Monitors and controls liquid levels inside pressure vessels for high level, low level and interface applications.

Model P8900

Single Switch Indicator

The BelGASCP P8900 Single Switch Indicator measures the liquid head pressure in atmospheric (vented) vessels. The liquid level of the vessel is displayed on the P8900 in feet and inches. The P8900 Single Switch Indicator can be calibrated with high and low set points. These set point adjustments complete a circuit to trigger any connected device.


  • Continuously indicates the liquid level in an atmospheric (vented) tank in feet and inches.
  • Adjustable switch which completes and electrical circuit to a solenoid, alarm, or other device when the level rises to the top predetermined point, and breaks the circuit when the level falls to the bottom predetermined point (or the reverse).
  • Available calibrated for horizontal cylindrical vessels in pounds, gallons, barrels, percent, etc.


  • Easy Calibration: Indicator can be calibrated using 2 knobs in the interior of the housing. Calibration can be achieved without any change to the liquid level in the vessel.
  • Sizes: Weldnecks offered in 5" and 8" Lengths
  • Direct Reading: Indicator scale reads the liquid level directly in feet and inches. No need to convert liquid level to head pressure.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Bearings have Teflon dry film lubrication (no need to oil bearings).
  • Various options available for inlet adapter connections, diaphragms, and scales.
  • Sealed Housing: All mechanical parts are sealed in the interior of the housing, eliminating any contact with the process fluid.
    Operating Temperature-20° to 225°F
    Maximum Head Pressure90 PSI
    Vessel Height Range6 to 30 Feet
    Housing Cast Aluminum


    BelGAS CP Model P8900 Single Switch Indicator