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Model W100M

High-Temp Shutdown Device

The W100M is an indirect high temperature shutdown device that is installed into a heated vessel that will act as a shut-off for the vessel. If the temperature exceeds the temperature set by the thermostat, the pilot will stop the flow of gas until manually reset.


• Heaters

• Emulsion Treaters

• Reboilers

• Steam Generators

• Heat Exchangers

• Cooler Shutter Controls

• Salt Bath Heaters

Max Working Pressure 30 PSIG (max)
Max Pressure for Sensing Unit 500 PSIG w/o Thermowell
4000 PSIG w/ Thermowell
Sensing Probe Temperature Range -30˚ to 400˚F (-34˚ to 204˚C)


BelGAS CP Model W100M High-Temp Shutdown Device