BelGAS CP control products strategically
respond to the needs of the oil and gas industry.

BelGas CP Valves


Used in mainly low-pressure systems, such as oil and water dumps on low-pressure separators, heater treaters, and free water knockouts. Well suited for On/Off situations or throttle control.

Model 5300

Backpressure Regulator

The BelGASCP P5300 is a backpressure regulator with an integrally mounted pilot. Except where liquid or very low gas pressure is involved, upstream gas is used to operate this unit.


• Separators

• Heater Treaters

• Compressor Stations

• Gas Gathering Systems


• NACE Construction: All BelGASCP P5300 backpressure

regulators are built in accordance with the requirements

of NACE MR0-175.

• Intermittent Acting Pilot

• Soft Seat Material for Bubble Tight Shut-off

• High Capacity

Design Pressure 300 PSIG
Media Gas and Air
End Connections  2” NPT
Temperature Nitrile-20 to 180˚F (-28.9 to 82.2˚C)
Temperature Flurocarbon0 to 300˚F (-5 to 204˚C)
Temperature AFLAS 25 to 400˚F (-5 to 204˚C)
HSN-55 to 300˚F (-48 to 150˚C)


BelGAS CP Model 5300 Backpressure Regulator