BelGAS CP control products strategically
respond to the needs of the oil and gas industry.

BelGas CP Valves


Self-contained devices to monitor or control upstream or downstream gas pressure on vessels, sales lines, and supply lines.

Type P32

Natural Gas and Propane Regulator

Superior regulation and excellent stability make the BelGAS Type P32 natural gas and propane regulator ideal for lower flow applications.

Square head adjustment screw allows for easy in-field calibration. The Type P32 is available with handwheel adjustment, output pressure gauge and/or mounting bracket as options. The use of a relief valve is recommended for this product in accordance with NFPA 58.


  • 60-mesh screen
  • UL listed (Standard P32)
  • NACE construction available
  • Harmful particles blocked
  • Non-Relieving


  • Pneumatic Controllers
  • Valve Positioners
  • Actuation
  • Fuel Gas
  • Compressed Air

Sensitivity 1" water column
Max. Inlet Pressure 250 PSIG (17 BAR)
Port Size 1⁄4 NPT


BelGAS CP Type P32 Natural Gas and Propane Regulator